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How to quickly get better RAW colours in Luminar

One of the issues that I have when using RAW files in Luminar is that the colours are often a little flat and the contrast is a bit washed out. This comes from RAW files not having a proper profile in the software, and while it has improved in recent years, it’s still a ways off from the default results that you would get in the likes of Lightroom or Photoshop.

Editing Sony A7II RAW files in Luminar

I’ve covered working with Fuji RAW files in Luminar before here on the blog, but I haven’t talked too much about using it with RAW files from other cameras. I had been going through some old images for another project, and I came across some images that I had taken with the Sony A7II which I had borrowed from a friend at the time. So, I tried some of the images in Luminar, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Video: Luminar 2018 Q&A

As promised, here is the Luminar questions and answers video that I talked about last week. I tried to answer as any of the questions that I’ve received regarding the upcoming release of Luminar 2018 as possible in this video, although I may have missed a few (and I didn’t want to make it too long)