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My Fuji X Series In-Camera Settings

On this blog, I've covered the settings and techniques I use for processing Fuji raw files quite a bit, but I've never really discussed the settings that I use in-camera for use with Jpeg images. While I mostly use the Raw files, I do occasionally use Jpegs straight from the camera. Over the years I've been using my X-E1, I've chopped and changed the setup that I use quite a bit, but here are the settings that I currently use.

Adobe Improves X-Trans Processing in Lightroom CC Update: Promises More to Come

One of the interesting tidbits, buried in the list of bug fixes for the Lightroom CC update that was released yesterday was a mention of improvements to Fuji X-Trans processing in Lightroom. Any long term follower of this blog, knows that Lightroom’s poor quality X-Trans rendering has long been a bug bear of mine, and I’ve sought ways to minimise it and ways to avoid it altogether. In the announcement yesterday, Adobe has dealt with the first problem, that of the colour blur, and the company has stated that they are working with Fuji to improve edge rendering and detail on X-Trans files.