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Updated Fuji X-Trans Lightroom Guide Now Available

I have just updated my Fuji X-Trans Lightroom guide with some significant changes. I’m calling it “version 1.5” and it contains some updated information, including some notes on processing 24mp X-Trans files, such as those from the X-Pro 2. I also tried to incorporate as much of the feedback and questions that I’ve received since the initial release. I also used the opportunity of releasing an updated edition to make some other changes and include some additional detail. If you had previously purchased this guide, the updated version is available for free to download from your account

Updated Lightroom X-Trans Guide Coming Soon

I’ve been very busy working on an update for my Lightroom X-Trans processing guide. I had hoped to have it out a while ago, but it ended up taking longer than anticipated. The revised version of my guide, features updates to cover some changes that I’ve noticed in the approach that I take for the newer 24mp X-Trans cameras such as the X-Pro 2 and the X-T2. I’ve also added a few new sections, and made it longer

Limited Edition Print Version of my Iridient Developer X-Trans Book

When I finished writing and published my recent Iridient Developer X-Trans guide, I wanted to try and see what a print copy would look like, so I uploaded it to Blurb and ordered some copies. I got the copies in the post today, and I’m really happy with the results. The print quality is pretty good for print on demand, and the binding and cover is great. Because they came out so well, I’m making them available for sale via Blurb, so if you would prefer a print copy to the e-book then you can get that now too.

An interesting look to Black and White Images from Fuji X-Trans cameras with Iridient Developer and Lightroom

I haven't really covered Iridient developer much since version 3 was released ( a good while ago now), which I must apologise for, as there's actually some cool features in the updated version. I actually don't use it as much as I used to any more, which is why I  haven't really written much about it, but there is one really good feature that I've been meaning to post about, and so here it goes. If you're using X-Trans files with Iridient Developer 3, there's a special demosaicing mode for black and white images, which maximises the quality of monochrome images from the camera, and it has a really nice look to it.