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A First Look at On1 Raw 2018

The next version of the On1 Raw application, called On1 Photo Raw 2018 has just been released as a beta, and I thought I’d give it a spin. Longtime readers of my blog will know I haven’t exactly said kind things about the previous version, but I have an open mind, and I would really like to see an improvement. The new version offers a host of new features and improvements, but I was most curious to see if it addressed some of my biggest issues with the last version. Here’s what I found.

Lightroom CC 2015.4 / 6.4 Released

Adobe has just announced the latest upgrade for Lightroom. As well as bug fixes and new lens support, the CC version adds a new feature too. Called Boundary wrap, the new feature enhances the panorama feature in Lightroom. Unfortunately for those with the non subscription version, this new feature is only available for CC users.