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Where to get Sony A6300 Raw Files

Where to get Sony A6300 Raw Files

If you're curious to see how the new Sony A6300 images look , you can now try them out for yourself. Both Lightroom and Capture One have added raw support for the new camera, and there are now a couple of places where you can download sample raw files. Here are the samples that I've found so far:

DpReview: Dp Review has some raw files in their sample gallery. The ones with Raw files are labelled "Raw" on the thumbnails. Click on them and you'll get the option to download the raw files.

Photographer Marc Schultz has some samples that you can download in his first impressions review of the A6300. The link at the top of the page isn't working, but there's another one at the bottom that does work.

My First Impressions

From looking at the raw files, I think that there is definitely a visible improvement in image quality over the A6000. I think a lot of people are assuming that the improvements are only in the video department, but based on what I'm seeing, stills are significantly better too.

In particular, noise is much better handled at lower ISO. On the A6000 there was always a very fine amount of grain like noise, even at ISO 100. While this was ever really an issue, it's a lot less noticeable on the A6300. At higher ISO values, the image seems cleaner too. While there is still noise, it's much more grain like, and it's mostly luminance noise rather than colour noise. It seems to retain detail a bit better too.

One other thing that I noticed is that the colours seem to be a bit better, or at least Adobe's calibration is better. It's hard to determine this for sure though, because I need to actually use the camera myself to find out.

Obviously there's only so much you can tell by looking at the raw files. You need to get the camera into your own hands to properly evaluate it, and I hope to be able to do that at some point in the near future.

Some Impressive Video

Some people have been shooting some great video with the camera too, and some of the ones that I'm really liking are from Japanese Vimeo user Darwinfish105. Check out the two A6300 videos he has posted. They're really impressive, and what's even more impressive is that he shot them with relatively low end lenses.

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