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Just how sharp is the X-Pro1? (hint - very!)

One of the things I've been really impressed with is the sharpness of the X-Pro1. If you've read about it or know anything about it you probably know about its unique sensor design which forgoes the traditional anti-aliaising filter in favour of a random array of red green and blue pixels. Combined with three very capable lenses the result is some very sharp images. But just how sharp? Allow me to demonstrate…..

Here's a boring keyboard shot. Nothing too special, right? But look at how you can see the texture on the keys.

Keyboard close

Now, here's the kicker….. That's a crop of the image at 100%. That's how good it is on a per pixel basis. It's that sharp.

[Update] I've put the full res version of this here for your pixel peeping pleasure!


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