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Monday Inspiration: Flower Power

I'm quite fond of the photographic opportunities in Stephen's Green which is a large park in the centre of Dublin City. There's always something to take in there, whether it's the swans, or the people or even just the trees and the scenery. Recently they've had some unusual flowers, which were somewhat hard hit by the rain, but were still beautiful none the less. I had my camera one day while walking through and managed to capture some good images of some of the flowers. It was just after a rain shower too so there was some nice vibrancy from the moisture. It's very easy when taking pictures of flowers to be quite clichéd so I did my best to approach the subject the best way I could. I tried some very close crops, as well as getting down low and approaching the plants from their point of view. I was using my 28-300 lens so I was able to get in pretty close, but unfortunately it's not that fast, so the bokeh isn't the prettiest, but still.

I don't know much about botany, so if anyone knows the names of these flowers please let me know in the comments!

Yellow Flower

Orange and Yellow flower

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