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Random Acts of Photography: More Streets of Dublin

Random Acts of Photography: More Streets of Dublin

Haloween Decorations

Ok, it's been a while since a "random acts" post so here it goes! I shot these a few weeks ago while out getting some autumn shots. I had strayed from the parks and ended up shooting more around the city than anything else. Anyway, as is often the case with one of these little jaunts, it's little things that take my interest in an scene. So while it may not make an award winning photograph, sometimes an image can have amusing or quirky subjects or just speak something to you on a personal level. Ok, before I get too philosophical on the subject, lets get to the shots...

I know this may sound a bit artsy but I just love how this turned out composition wise. It was a quick reaction shot so I certainly didn't frame it this way, but the symmetry with the people on either side of the main subject and the triangle formed by the people and the woman just works on a strong graphical level, so I guess it's the designer in me that's pleased!

I just can't resist photographing this building every time I pass it. I love the grungy-ness of it. And you always seem to get interesting characters walking by it too.

I know this isn't a spectacular shot or a particularly fascinating subject, but I just really like the colours and the light, and the strong straight lines and strong perspective.

Obligatory window shot! I love the dappled light you can get along this street (wicklow street)

There's always a shamrock somewhere!

Speaking of lights, here's a shot of my favourite lamp posts in Dublin. They're the ones around Stephen's Green in Dublin.

Anyway, that's about it for now. For those interested in the technical side of things, these were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-105 lens. Oh and don't forget to check out my recently updated photography tumblr blog for daily (mostly) pictures.

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