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Quick Lux for Aperture

Quick Lux for Aperture

If you're an Aperture user I just wanted to take a quick moment to mention my new set of premium presets I've made which are available now over on my other blog, "The Aperture Blog". I've been creating presets for Aperture for a while now and I have a couple of packs available for sale over on the Aperture Blog, but I'm really happy with how this latest one turned out. Quicklux ad

I wanted to create something that you could use to quickly apply to an image to get it 90% of the way to how you want it, so all you would have to do is make a few tweaks. Since I pretty much do the same sort of things over and over when I'm using Aperture I made a set of presets to do this. I wanted to think of them like film types too, but rather than try to emulate film, I decided they would be inspired by instead. So, my two main looks are based on transparency and negative, each doing slightly different things. The Pro Trans preset for example adds a bit of contrast and saturation and vignette. It was the kind of look I would go for when I used to shoot transparency film, so hence the name. The "Pro Neg" series on the other hand are inspired by the wider latitude of film and include a degree of highlight and shadow recovery.

I also included looks that are inspired by the faded look you get when using expired film, and the last set was inspired by the DRO setting on the Fuji X100, so it provides a way to simulate the DRO mode of the X100 (or other camera with a similar setting) when you process the raw files in Aperture.

Anyway, if you use Aperture you should head over to the Aperture blog to see more about what this preset can do.

I'm also putting together some presets in a similar vein for Lightroom, so if you're interested in seeing some premium Lightroom presets based on the looks I use in my own photography please let me know.

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