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Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

And…back to Wordpress

Ok, I know this is getting crazy but I've switched the blog back to using Wordpress. Which, unfortunately means the address has changed back to blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com. I know this is really messy, and I apologise to my regular readers who've had to put up with the shenanigans, but I just couldn't leave it any longer. I've actually been going back and forward in my head over the past week as to whether or not to switch it back, but in the end, what sold me was the inexcusable delay when you go to the blog in Squarespace. Actually, that wan't the only reason. There were a couple of things. I highlighted the issues that I was having in a previous post but the problems that were annoying me the most were the slow loading (as already mentioned), difficulty controlling the sidebar (it was hard to put a list of recent posts in the sidebar that I had control over - without seeing summaries for everything) and also the lack of a "more" function when posting. A combination of the slow loading, and the lack of control over SEO had seem my traffic from search engines slowly declining over the last few weeks since switching to squarespace.

So, for now, Squarespace is still running my portfolio and all the static pages of the site, but Wordpress is back handling the blog. All the posts I have done in the mean time, will still be there on the other address, but the menu will link back here again. I could re-post the other ones back in wordpress, but that will mess up everyone's feed, so I'm not going to do that. What I have done though, is re-design the blog template so it matches the rest of the site better. Anyway, I'm sure you're all sick of these posts, but as many of you run your own site, I'm hoping my trials and tribulations might save you a bit of bother in the future! If you want to get to the short lived squarespace blog it's still at thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog and here are some of the main posts that I had posted:

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I really do apologise for all the messing around. I'd like to say it will be the last time, but it probably won't be! (damn you the designer in me!)

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