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Faux Polaroid Snow with VScO Film 3

Polaroid Snow I have to say, I'm really impressed with the work the fine folks over at Visual Supply Company are doing. I had originally been a bit sceptical, as their presets are expensive, but after using their first two collections for a while I began to appreciate the work that has gone into them. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, VScO makes a set of film simulation presets for Lightroom and Aperture (And Camera Raw). They aren't plug in's, they're presets, and they are remarkably accurate. I was particularly excited when they recently launched their third set. Unlike the previous releases which were generally based on professional films , the third set was geared towards the more artistic type of instant film, such as polaroid etc. the results are fantastic, when used right. Again, they appear very accurate, which is no mean feat considering they are just using the available parameters of Lightroom to achieve the look.

So, that brings us to the snow. It's been a pretty bad spring here in Ireland so far. All this week it's been snowing, which is a bit odd considering it's nearly April. Trapped indoors, I've been using every and any opportunity to take some shots, but also using the time to catch up on my post processing and keeping up to date with software releases. As pictures of snow are kind of boring on their own, I decided to use the opportunity to play around with the new VScO presets. The results turn something mundane into something a little more interesting and visually compelling. Here's a collection of photos, all of which were treated using VScO Film 3. Enjoy.

_DSC2670 _DSC2667 _DSC2656 _DSC2647 _DSC2645 _DSC2642 _DSC2638 _DSC2636 _DSC2634 _DSC2632


Images were taken using  a Nikon D700 with 28-300mm Lens processed in Lightroom using VSCO film 3

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