About Thomas Fitzgerald

Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

The Wall

There's this wall in Temple Bar in Dublin that I absolutely love. It's bright blue and covered in graffiti, and if you stand there for long enough the whole world walks by. Well, ok, maybe not the whole world, but you know what I mean. If you stand on the opposite of the street, because there's so much going on in this area, you can shoot away and pretty much no one pays any attention to you. You can get some great characters walking by, and the great big "Smile" sticker on the boarded up window really adds to the irony of the scene, because very few people seem to be actually smiling! I was there yesterday for a short while and here are just a few of the people going about their business. Enjoy! The Wall - Passing The Wall - Arguing The Wall - Backpack Guy The Wall - Coffee Guy the Wall

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