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Fundraising Dog and Other Oddities from the Streets Of Dublin

Fundraising Dog and Other Oddities from the Streets Of Dublin


Fundraising Dog I was doing some street photography today, and I was enjoying some of the funny things you see out and about in our nation's capital...like this very clever fundraising dog! He looks like he's taking a break and leaving the fundraising duties to the humans now though. Kidding aside they were collecting for  Irish Guide Dogs for the blind which is a great and worth while charity. There was plenty of other unusual things to see on the city streets today for some reason.

I had set out to shoot some nature images in the city parks, but got somewhat sidetracked when I stumbled onto this wonderful scene in Stephen's Green. It turns out that today is Norway's National Day, and the Norwegian community were holding some kind of ceremony in the park in honour. It was lovely to see such a nice display of both culture and colour and it reminds us of the multicultural city Dublin has become.

Norwegian National Day Celebrations Norwegian National Day Celebrations

Moving on, I did end up taking some shots of the flowers in the park. It was actually a nice day light wise for it because the sky was quite overcast, which always works well for certain types of shots, but more on that in another post.

On the top of Grafton street there was a lot of work been done to the pavement. They have been tearing up the pavement up and down the street for quite some time, and I got a nice shot of one of the engineers mid brick cutting with some nice frozen brick dust...

Brick Cutting

Elsewhere on Grafton Street, Boredom was setting in....

Sign holder on Grafton Street Sign holding on Grafton Street

To be fair, I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open doing that job either. Whatever they're paying these people, it's not enough.

Not everyone lacked enthusiasm though. These two characters had it in spades....

People at Crossing

Ah yes, just another day in the city. There was lots more too see, but I won't bore you with the comments any more, and just let the pictures do the talking...

Rare Book Store Captain on the Wall Mario Phantom FM

Technical details for anyone who is interested:

Taken on a Nikon D700 with 28-300 & 50mm f/1.4 lenses. Processed in Aperture.

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