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Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

36 Hours in Paris, A Photographic E-Book by Thomas Fitzgerald

36 Hours in Paris, A Photographic E-Book by Thomas Fitzgerald


Just before Christmas I got to spend a little time in Paris and I used that time to get some travel shots of the city. I’ve been wanting to start writing more about my travels and turn my travel photography and experiences into books, and so I thought that this was a good opportunity! I started putting the book together in January and I’ve been working on it ever since.

It’s a purely photography book. The accompanying story is all about the experience of being there. There’s no gear talk or post production tutorials or anything like that. It’s purely photographic (and writing) and I hope it can provide you with inspiration as well as nice pictures and an enjoyable story. The book is 92 pages and it’s presented as a DRM Free PDF. It has been formatted with the iPad’s screen size as the dimensions of the book, so it can easily be viewed on an iPad. However, because it is a PDF it can also be viewed on any device that can read PDF’s.

It was quite a bit of work to put this together. It’s my first time self-publishing. I used all the experience I had gained working on my Aperture book (which was with a Publisher) and I tried to follow the same editorial process and guidelines that one goes through when working with a proper publisher, but it was a long haul. Mainly because I had to learn how to use in-design along the way. That and I kept changing things!

I really have to thank my wife for helping me edit the book as well as get it out the virtual door.

It’s on sale now in my digital download store


When I fist visited Paris in 2001 I quickly fell in love with the city. The wonderful architecture, the beautiful gardens and palaces, and the ever present smell of coffee drew me back time and time and again. However, eventually I began to broaden my horizons, and as the travel bug took me further afield, my favourite place became somewhere I promised I would return to but never managed to get around to it. Still, at the back of my mind, I longed to return. Finally, in a brief visit before Christmas, I had the chance.

36 Hours in Paris is a photographic essay about this photographer’s return to the city he loved as a young adult. I tell the tale of my short return in an essay and accompanying pictures, and I share my passion for the city of Lights. As a bonus, I also include a set of Photos of the city taken from my archive. These photographs of Paris were taken ten years ago and they showcase a city that has both changed and stayed the same.


Here are a selection of samples of some pages of the book as JPEGs.














You may be wondering why not have an iBooks version? I've looked in to it, but there's some complications to selling on the iBooks store outside the US. Unfortunately, it's not as straight forward as selling on the App store (which isn't a walk in the park either) but I will pursue it once I put the necessary pieces in place to be able to do it. I'm also looking at making a hard copy version available through Blurb. It will be a limited edition printed on demand book, and it will be expensive, but Blurb's print quality is superb.

If you want more details (and some more samples) check the Book's product page on the store.

For media, review or publisher enquiries, you can contact me via email at info@tfitzgerald.com

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