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Iridient Developer Book Excerpt: Understanding Iridient Reveal sharpening

I promised that I would release a few more excerpts from my Iridient Developer book, and I’m a little late getting around to it, so apologies. In the book I go through each of the tabs in the settings window, and explain how the various controls work, especially in relation to working with X-Trans images. The following excerpt is from the section where I discuss the detail tab, and in it I talk about how to use and understand the Iridient Reveal sharpening method.

Book Review: "Light Gesture & Colour" by Jay Maisel

I’ve been a big fan of Jay Maisel’s work for a few years now. Even though he’s a very famous photographer I only really came across him a few years ago when he did a class on kelly training. I had seen his photography before but I never knew whose work it was. When seeing him being interviewed, it struck me that the then 80year old artist is not only a great photographer, but also a great philosopher as well, especially about all things photography.