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Photography News & Inspiration Roundup for Friday the 13th

Photography News & Inspiration Roundup for Friday the 13th


Every week I keep adding any photography related story I come across to my Pocket account for future reading. In the past I’ve shared these news items somewhat haphazardly, but I’m trying to get control of my blogging schedule (honest!) and so from now on, Friday will be “News Round Up Friday”!....Probably Anyway, here are a few of the photography related news items that I found interesting during the week!


Focus Masks and the Next Version of Creative Cloud DP review reports the news that Adobe has released a video sneak-peek of a new feature due to be introduced into Creative Cloud which the company is calling ‘Focus masks’.

Adobe is making a series of announcements regarding the next version of Creative Cloud on June 18th.

Canon Eos 1 Series is 25 Years Old this Week The Phoblographer reports that Canon’s workhorse Eos 1 series celebrated 25 years this week. Of course the original Eos 1 was a film camera and there were numerous models in the Eos 1 range before it switched to digital.

More RX100 Samples DP Review has added some “Real World” samples to its samples gallery of Sony’s highly regarded new little compact wonder.

Panasonic Launches 4K Super Zoom FZ1000 A very impressive all in one camera from Panasonic has just been launched, featuring a 1" sensor and an impressive 25–400mm equivalent zoom. It’s been compared to Sony’s similar RX10, however unlike the RX10, apart from the massive zoom on the Panasonic, the FZ1000 can also shoot video in 4K



Colours If you don’t follow my other “Just Photography” blog I posted a sequence earlier this week featuring colours. It was meant as a companion piece to my post on using colour in composition, but it’s a nice bright set of images to brighten you’r day, so head over to see the rest.

Sydney at Night Check out these amazing images of Sydney at night shot on a Ricoh GR by Nick Clark

World War One: War on the Sea The Atlantic has an amazing series of Photos from World War 1 showing the war on the sea. We’re used to seeing images of the naval battles in World War II so it’s interesting to see images from the more primitive but still deadly Navies of the previous conflict.

Normandy Landings, Then and Now Keeping with the war theme (and the numerous Anniversaries occurring this year) and the Guardian features images of the Normandy Beaches from the landings 70 years ago along with pictures of how the same locations today.

Alone in in an Airport On a lighter note, you may have already seen this already as the video has gone viral, but Richard Dunn made this great video on his iPhone having been stranded in Las Vegas overnight. Planet 5D has the full story and an interview with the creator.

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Fujifilm Releases XF18-135mm Weather Sealed Lens

Fujifilm Releases XF18-135mm Weather Sealed Lens

Colour in Composition

Colour in Composition