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Weekly Photography News Roundup for July 11th

Weekly Photography News Roundup for July 11th

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It’s time for another round up of interesting photography news and inspiration from around the web. It’s been a fairly quiet week news wise, but here’s a few interesting tid-bits that I’ve come across this week.

ProVideo Coalition has the details on Canon’s New Digital Photo Professional version 4 software. DPP is Canon’s own brand raw processing software and the new version is now available, but with a catch. It’s only for Canon’s full frame DSLRs and it only supports the current generation of cameras too.

Adobe outlines what happens to Lightroom after your subscription ends (if you have a subscription version as opposed to the retail version). Basically the Library module and print module will still work so you can still get you’re work out of the software. This seems like a good compromise. Scott Kelby has made a video and has a good Q&A type post on his blog explaining this in more detail.

Speaking of Lightroom, Matt Matt Kloskowski over on his Lightroom Killer Tips blog highlights a great little web based tool for showing you all the keyboard shortcuts available in Lightroom.

Johnnie Behiri reviews the video capabilities of the superb Sony A7S over on Cinema 5D and is very impressed by the camera. I’ve been following Johnnie for many years, and he’s a very well respected BBC camera man and filmmaker. He’s done a lot of work over the years in examining the adoption of small format cameras for potential broadcast work.

On the subject of reviews, DPReview has a great article explaining equivalence and it’s importance. I’m not even going to bother trying to summarise, but it’s well worth a read.


This week rather than looking at some websites that I’ve come across I thought I’d share some photography books that I’ve bought recently

Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth & Stephen McLaren

I bought this book a few weeks ago and I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it’s a great book on street photography. There’s some really amazing imagery in it and there’s some great stories in it too. Well worth a read if you’re into street photography. I’ll have a review of the book when I’ve finished reading it

Film Is Not Dead: A Digital Photographer’s Guide to Shooting Film

A beautifully designed book all about shooting film for the digital photographer. While I started out shooting film, I hate to confess that it’s been so long that I appreciate a refresher course. Plus, I never really shot medium format and I plan on getting into it soon, so I got this book as a good starter, and I have to say, it’s great. It’s a lovely designed book and it approaches the subject in a well written non-patronising way. If you’re interested in shooting film it’s worth a read.

Some Great Photography Material on iTunes U

Some Great Photography Material on iTunes U

Save Library Filter Searches in Lightroom

Save Library Filter Searches in Lightroom