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Canon to add 24p to Recently Released Cameras via Firmware

Canon to add 24p to Recently Released Cameras via Firmware

A little while ago I wrote a post on how I couldn’t understand Canon’s decision to remove 24p from their newest cameras. 24p is considered a standard around the world, and many of Canon’s cameras became so popular for video precisely because they allowed users to shoot in 24p, so it was inexplicable to me that the company had chosen to remove such a key feature. I wasn’t the only one, and there was a wide and loud backlash from users. Well, Canon listened, and has announced that it would be adding 24p to several recently released cameras via firmware.

According to a letter to various press outlets, Canon has responded to the concerns…

“In response to feedback from our customers about some of our recently launched EOS and PowerShot models.’ Canon specifically says the first models to receive the firmware update with support for 24p (23.98 fps) shooting modes will be the EOS 90D and the EOS RP at the end of October. ‘The PowerShot G7X Mark III and G5X Mark II will follow at the end of 2019 and the EOS M6 Mark II during the first half of 2020,’

I’m really happy about this. I know people love to hate on Canon, but they are still the number one choice for many shooters, especially because of their colour science. I have been wanting to upgrade my vlogging camera (currently, a G7X2) and this had really put me off, so I’m glad they saw sense and listened to reason.

I’m still at a loss as to why this decision was made int he first place though. As I said in my original piece on this…

“The obvious theory, and the one most people have been pushing, is that Canon is deliberately doing this to push people to buy more expensive cameras as 24p is seen as a “professional” feature. I don’t really buy this though. Canon is actively advertising these to the vlogging market, and 24p is a key feature that many vloggers want.”

… and that was before the D90 was released. Anyway, it’s good to know that large manufacturers still listen to their consumers. Even if you don’t like or shoot with Canon, this is a good thing.

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