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On1 Raw Updated to 2017.5

Yesterday, On1 released a major update to their On1 Raw software, that they are marketing as a Lightroom alternative. The new release adds some much-needed features and changes a few things in the software. It is a fairly major update, and I did a little testing after it was announced. Here are some initial findings.

Macphun Luminar now available

Last week I wrote about the upcoming release of Macphun’s new Raw editing software, Luminar. The software was still in beta, but it’s now released, and you can also get a trial version. I’m still working on my full review of the software but I do have some more thoughts on it since the last post I wrote about it

Macphun Luminar: First Look

Over the past few days I’ve been trying out a pre-production version of Macphun’s recently announced Luminar photo editor, and I have to say I’m intrigued. The new software, which is due out later this month, is a pretty advanced RAW converter and photo editing App. It’s like of like a combination of Camera Raw and Google’s Nik Photo Plug-ins all rolled into one. It’s surprisingly powerful, and I have to say, I’ve had fun working with it

I'm really enjoying the combination of Fuji X-Trans + Capture One

I’ve been using Capture One to process my X-Trans files more and more lately. I had posted some initial findings before about this, and since then, Capture One has pretty much become my standard application for processing files from my X-E1. I’m really happy with how the software performs, and it does a really good job with Fuji’s files. Not only does it produce nice and sharp artifact free images, but the colour is really great too, even without having to do anything.

Iridient Developer 3 Released

Iridient digital has released a major upgrade to it’s Raw Processing software Iridient Developer. I’ve covered this software numerous times on the blog, in particular in relation to it’s ability to decode Fuji X-Trans files. Version 3 is a significant upgrade over version 2 and has a lot of new features in it. The update has addressed most of the (few) criticisms that I’ve had of the software in the past, and it now has a lot of functionality for processing images.

Choosing a raw processor for Fuji X-Trans Files

I've covered post processing of Fuji X-Trans files fairly extensively over the last two years on this blog. In particular I've discussed how, if you're a Lightroom user, using a third party raw converter can give you much better results than just using Lightroom or Camera Raw when working with X-Trans files. I've used and written about Photo Ninja and Iridient Developer the most, but since Phase One have released Capture One Pro 8, I've been giving that a good work out too (and I'll have a report on that in a week or two)