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Some Imagery of New York

Some Imagery of New York

I was recently on a short trip to the Big Apple, and needless to say camera was in hand. New York is one of those places that you can find a million photographic opportunities in one afternoon alone. I wasn't particularly on my game for this trip though. My allergies had decided to rear their ugly head when I had a severe reaction to the hotel we were staying in. Still, I did manage to get out and take a few photographs. I'm sill processing them so I'll post more as I get through them I've also some nice shots from the second leg of my trip, to Washington DC, but for now here's a and full from New York...

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Yes, I know, cliched, but it wouldn't be NYC without some yellow cabs!

DSC 7707 Edit

I love this shot and I got it by pure chance. I've tried several different variations of processing on it too, but I like how this turned out. It's a sort of 70's vibe.

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This great band was playing in Central Park. They really were pretty amazing, with an impressive sound. Ah, Jazz….

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Speaking of central park, there's always someone running.

More to come!

A Smattering of Photographs from Washington DC

A Smattering of Photographs from Washington DC

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