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From The Archive: Photos from Bryant Park and New York City Streets

From The Archive: Photos from Bryant Park and New York City Streets

Sitting on the grass in bryant park

I opened an old Aperture library today to find an image I was looking for, and while searching I got side tracked looking at old photos. By old, I don't mean decades, mind you, I just mean from a few years ago! Anyway, I particularly liked this set from a trip I took to new york in 2011. I had never really done anything with these shots so I figured I spent a bit of time playing around with them, and applying the VScO Film presets to a few to give them am nice filmy look.

These were taken the first night we arrived. We had headed out to get something to eat, and all I brought with me was my GF1. I had left the big guns in the hotel (It was the 5D Mark II I had brought with me on that trip, I think). The light was absolutely gorgeous and we sat soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of Bryant park (while also trying to get used to the heat and the new time zone!)

Bryant Park
Sun Bathing in Bryant Park

The Woman with the Red Bag

One of the famous Lions outside the NYC Public Library (as seen in Ghostbusters!)

NYC Taxis
Discussing things in bryant park

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