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Random Acts of Photography - Blast from the Past Edition

Every now and then I the a gander through my old libraries looking for images I had forgotten about. Before the more modern software tools of Aperture and Lightroom came along I kept everything in iPhoto, and so my iPhoto Library has quite a few oldies in it. these images are about as far back as it goes. They were taken on one of my first trips to Paris, way back in 2001 or 2002. As they were shot on glorious Ectachrome, there's no metadata to tell me exactly when, although they were scanned sometime in 2002. Most were taken from the Eifel tower at sunset while some others were shot at my favourite haunt, up around Montmarte and Place du Tetre (I'm pretty sure I'm butchering the spelling there) As you can see, I've come a long way photographically since then…. mind you, considering I didn't really know what I was doing back then compared to now, they're not bad. Some of the scanning is a bit ropey mind you. Even with that you can see the beauty and organic richness of shooting on slide film. While you can get great images from today's digital cameras, they still lack that certain something. They are almost too clean.

Anyway, before I start rambling about the merits of film...here's the pictures. Enjoy


Sunset over the Seine

Sunset15 2

Sunset over Paris

Sunset over paris, with La Defence in the distance


019 15A

Flowers and chair 1

Menu cart 1

Waiter 1

Lovers over paris

I'm not sure what this last one was shot on. I'm guessing it was Illford XP4 as I shot that a lot back then, but I can't be sure.



More Winter Trees

More Winter Trees

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