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Cogs: A Short Video with the Nex-7

I was trying out the video options on the Sony Nex-7 and in particular I wanted to see how it performed with my lovely old Nikon Macro Lens on it. I love this lens because, while it may not be as perfect as the newer Nikon macro lenses, it has a lovely character to it. Anyway, I'm still putting together my first impressions post on the Nex 7  with some nice sample images, but I'm really blown away by the quality of the video so I wanted to share this.

The things that I really like about it is that it's really smooth, especially in the fall off between focus and out of focus. There's a lovely neutral profile on the camera, which gives you lots of dynamic range. I'd shot this subject before on my hacked GH2 and while the GH2 probably gives you more resolution, it definitely doesn't have the dynamic range, and I also experienced a bit of solarisation in fine gradients, which the Nex shows none of, even though the bit rate is much lower.

It's really worth watching large so click through to Vimeo and check it out there opt watch it full screen.

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