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The Advantage of Nikon1's 2.7X Crop Factor For Nature Photographers

I think Nikon's "1" Mirrorless system gets something of a bad rap from mirrorless camera fans. People dismissed it because of its smaller sensor compared to Micro 4:3 and APS-C sized sensor in Sony and Fuji's cameras. But most of the people complaining about it have never actually used one, or even taken the time to give it a good look. And, while I haven't used one personally, I did get a chance to play around with some raw files from a V1 and I have to say, I was quite impressed. They looked very like files from my D700 in terms of the overall tonality. They have that nice Nikon look to them. Anyway, with the release of the J2 today, I was doing some reading and I came across this very interesting video which made me think of how useful that 2.7X crop is for nature photographers. While it's pretty much just a promotional ad for Nikon it does show some wonderful shots, and also points out the advantage of getting 2.7 times closer to your subject when using Nikon Lenses with the adaptor.

On the subject of Nikon's 1 system, given that Nikon traditionally uses sensors designed by Sony, I'm willing to bet that the sensor from the incredibly received Sony RX100, which just happens to be the same size as Nikon's 1 "CX" format, turns up in the next iteration of the V1 or the much rumoured high end Nikon 1 system ?

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