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Georgian Windows and Georgian Doors

Georgian Windows and Georgian Doors


I found myself doing a little photography project the other day, that I hadn't started out intending to do. I was taking some pictures around the georgian area of Dublin and I noticed something funny in one of the Windows.

Then I started paying closer attention and one thing led to another and then I was taking a whole collection of windows and doors. I actually have lots of pictures from this area in my library already, but I always like challenging myself to find better ways to take a subject. In a way it's quite liberating to limit yourself to shooting a certain subject and it certainly focuses the mind. Anyway, it was an exercise more than anything, but I do love the texture and  colour of the various facades in this particular part of the city.

Click on the images to view larger.

Red and Purple Doors

Door Knocker

Yellow Door

Door Knocker on Blue

Collapsed Door

I think a bit of collapse may have occurred here!

For those interested in the technical details, these were all shot on a D700 with a 28-300mm Lens. I did a little bit of processing in Lightroom but mostly just adding a vignette and increasing the clarity a bit.


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