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Canal: A Short Film

Canal: A Short Film


CANAL from Thomas Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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I shot this short film on my favourite stretch of the Grand Canal in Dublin. The section runs from the Luas stop at Charlemont to the Bridge at Bagott Street. Along the banks you will find the beautiful old and textured lock gates and their mechanisms. There is also some beautiful reeds and plants to be seen along the banks and in the water. In the sunshine, hell, even on a miserable day it's a lovely walk and a lovely stretch of the city. I've taken photos dozens, if not hundreds of times along the canal so I decided to do something different and film a little for a change. It's only a little taster though. I want to get a lot more footage and put together a proper short film. I only had the one lens with me and I could really do with getting some long shots. Anyway, consider this a taster of things to come!

Technical Details Of the Shoot: Shot on a Panasonic GH2 Lens: Panasonic 20mm Variable ND filter Manfrotto Tripod

I was actually shooting fairly light. I was only using my cheap "modo" tripod and the one lens, but I think it came out well. Post production was done in FCPX with a quick grade courtesy of the excellent Filmconvert.


[UPDATE 2] There were problems with viewing this on Vimeo earlier, but after a few re-uploads it seems to be back working again


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