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My Favourite Photos of 2013

My Favourite Photos of 2013

A horse and Cart in Motion, Vienna, Fujifilm X100

As 2013 is now behind us, I realise that I actually had a good year, photographically speaking. I got to do travel quite a bit and overall, I feel that I've grown my photographic skill set. My wife suggested I write a blog post looking back over my best photos from last year, and so I went back through my library and picked some of my favourites. These aren't necessarily my best photos, but they are my favourite images from 2013. They are photos that spoke to me in one way or another, or have some meaning to me. Looking forward to 2014, I have some big plans, and this year, I will be concentrating more on my photography, with the aim of making it my full time occupation over my design work, but more on that later. In the meantime, here's one last look at 2013:

In February of last year we took a trip to the beautiful city of Vienna. This was one of my favourite photos from the trip. It's quite abstract and a bit impressionistic, but I really like it.

Austrian Countryside by Rail

In that same trip we took the train from Vienna to Frankfurt, and it was a beautiful journey through the snow covered Austrian countryside. This was one of my favourite photos I took from the train as we shot through the countryside at 200kph

Back in Ireland, I was lucky to come across this Celebration of Norway's national holiday in the park in the centre of Dublin. While it may not be the greatest photo compositionally speaking, I love Norway and had a great time visiting Oslo last year, so it was a surprise and a pleasure to come across the ceremony.

Dublin and the Liffey

I took this shot of the tourist boat on the river Liffey in Dublin on a beautiful day in May. The weather was amazing that day, and little did we know it would be the start of a wonderful summer (which is something of a rarity here in Ireland).

Modern Dublin and the River Liffey

This was another shot from the same day. I love the docklands of Dublin as they represent both the modern and historic sides of the city. I was also chuffed that I managed to capture the moon in the shot without even realising until later!

Pigeons Kissing

This was a funny little picture of two courting pigeons that I captured while shooting some photos along the grand canal in the centre of Dublin. I just looked down and saw them so I had to capture it.

This was a shot taken along the quays of Dublin one day. I like it because it captures a moment of everyday life while also leaving aspects of the scene to your imagination.

Awesome Street art

This great piece of street art is covering a building in a side street just off Dublin's Liffey Street and for a while I was using it as my desktop picture.

This shot was a complete fluke. I was walking through temple bar in Dublin and I just looked up at the right moment to catch this guy hanging out the window. This was during our unusually hot summer here this year.

An Autumn Kiss

I really liked how this one turned out. The red leaf contrasting with the green of the grass creates the impression of red lips.

A380 flying over Dublin Yesterday

There was a great air show over Dublin city this year to celebrate "The Gathering" (a tourist initiative to attract people with Irish connections to the country) and it consisted of numerous large aircraft flying over the centre of the city. The pinnacle of the show was this giant Airbus A380 which made several passes over the city. I had a great vantage point from my home and was able to get this shot standing out on my balcony as the giant aircraft banked overhead.

Another cheeky little image. Again, nothing photographically award wining, but a bit of fun. I was in New York this past Autumn, and unfortunately I came down with a bad chest infection while I was there. One one of my few days out, I spent some time in Madison Square park where this inquisitive squirrel kept following us around.

5th Avenue New York

Another shot from New York City, looking down 5th Avenue on a beautiful sunny Autumn day.

A Wall of Faces

This is another one of my favourite "Street Photography" shots from this year. I just love juxtapositions like this, and this worked really well. I'd like to say that the shot was a result of careful planning on my part but it was mostly just good luck and good timing!

A Couple enjoys A Rainy Autumn Day in Stephen's Green

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and this year I captured lots of images of the season. This is by far my favourite though. I was really happy with how this turned out, and it was very well received when I posted it to Facebook earlier this year. I think this was probably my most liked photo of the year.

Old Lady walking by O'Neill's Pub in Dublin

This was anther really popular shot, and another fluke. I was taking pictures of the Christmas decorations and I saw the lady approaching and managed to re-frame in time to capture the shot. This was my most popular image on 500px this year.


I really liked how this one turned out because it is an unusual angle on Dublin's O'Connell Street.

This was my favourite shot from my most recent trip to Brussels.

Sunset over Place de Concorde in Paris on the Winter Solstice 20

This was a photograph from a trip to Paris just before Christmas. I was in just the right place at the right time to capture this wonderful sunset over the Place de Concorde. I'll have more photos from my paris trip soon, so stay tuned.

Louvre, Paris, December 2013

Finally there was this shot taken outside the Louvre at dusk in Paris.

I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane (well, my memory lane anyway!) and I want to thank everyone who stopped by this blog and my website over the past year. I have lots planned for 2014 including some big things which I hope I can talk about soon. I hope to make this site a place you'll want to visit regularly, so stay tuned, oh, and Happy New Year!

My First Photo Walk of 2014

My First Photo Walk of 2014

On The Streets of Brussels with the Fuji XE-1

On The Streets of Brussels with the Fuji XE-1