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Fuji Releases New Cameras and Lenses

Fuji Releases New Cameras and Lenses

Today was a busy day for Fuji as it launched three new cameras and a whole series of lenses. The biggest headline grabber will of course be the new medium format Fuji GXF. While fuji Announced the development of this camera back at Photokina, today was the official launch, with a release date and price set. Fuji also announced the release of the X100F, the latest version of their original X-Series camera, and the X-T20. I’m not really a “news” site, so for full coverage, I’ll send you to the excellent roundup over on Fuji Rumours. Below is some select bits and pieces that I’ve found particularly interesting.


The GXF is an interesting camera, and a lot has been said about it already. Now that there is an official launch, reviews have been popping up as well as first hand experiences. The price is very competitive at $6500 which is about $500 cheaper than the nearest medium format camera. You can find the official information here, on Fuji’s website, and you can download the catalogue here.

The best examples that I’ve seen so far are from Jonas Rask. FujiRumors has some good coverage as always.

The X100F & X-T20

The X100F is a new generation of the X100 series and it looks like a nice evolution. It has basically put the guts of the X-Pro2 into the X100 series body. Most notably, the camera gains the 24mp sensor, and the Acros shooting mode. Rather than go into it, I’ll pass you over to the excellent roundup with some really good images from Patrick LaRoque.

The X-T20 is an updated version of the X-T10 with the corresponding improvements. The camera store TV has a great short video that covers all the new features, and how it compares to the X-T2.

XF50mm f/2

This is a really nice looking lens, and it’s great that Fuji is bringing out a high quality 50mm at a cheaper price point than the existing models, however, I would have expected them to be able to produce a less expensive model, given the number of 50mm f/1.8 lenses available on other platforms, however the quality does look to be pretty good, and it is weather sealed.

Jonas Task has some good sample images taken with the lens, and there are some more samples from Ivan Joshua Loh.

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