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New Capture One “Editorial” Style Pack from Phase One

New Capture One “Editorial” Style Pack from Phase One

Phase One is taking an interesting approach to creating their own Styles withe their latest Style packs. For a start it is interesting that a first party manufacturer has seen the advantages of creating their own add ons - something that Adobe never did with Lightroom. But their new “Editorial” Styles Pack was created in collaboration with renowned photographers and retouchers.

Here’s the official blurb from the press release:

The Style Pack brings within reach of any user, for the first time, the editorial aesthetic of 3 acclaimed photographers and retouchers whose work can be found in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan among others.

Michael Woloszynowicz, Marie Bärsch, and Pratik Naik are all celebrated photographers and retouchers with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers, and years of published work to their names. Their approach is at once contemporary and timeless, and they have chosen to work specifically with Capture One to create 7 Styles each that reflect their individual aesthetic.

Capture One Styles are precisely-designed presets that adjust the overall look and feel of an image with one click yet allow the image to be fully tuned and refined to suit individual taste. With the option to add each Style as a layer and control its intensity, and use multiple layers and Styles per image, Capture One Styles can serve as either a starting point or finishing touch or to give a specific nuanced flair.

The Editorial Color Grading Pack includes 3 sets of 7 Styles made by Michael, Marie, and Pratik, giving a total of 21 unique Styles to choose from. The wide variation of Styles provides countless possibilities to create professional and distinguished editorial images, be it fashion, street, travel, wedding, portraiture, and any other genre of your editorial work.

I had a chance to try out these Styles, but they’re probably not really suited to my style of photography. They seem to work best on shots of people such as portraits, or other content where the primary focus of the image is a person. I don’t really shoot this kind of thing, or at least I didn’t have too many of this kind of image to hand, but here is a few shots using the styles. here’s a few examples from my own shots, which aren’t very good, but anyway!


My images don’t really do it justice. You can see the official samples and more information over on the product page on the Phase One website.

The Styles can be purchased per pack or as an Editorial Colour Grading Styles Kit where all 3 packs are added for the cost of 2. Price per Style Pack:

  • EUR: 39. USD: 34. GBP: 34.
  • Price for Editorial Color Grading Styles Kit:
  • EUR: 78. USD: 68. GBP: 68.

I think this is a little expensive in my opinion, especially for the individual packs. They are quite simple too, but if you are doing the kind of photography that suits these styles, you may find them of value.

Incidentally, I’m working on more of my own Styles, which I hope to have out soon. The next set I will be releasing is a faux colour film set, tentatively called “T-Neg” so stay tuned for that.

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