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New Capture One Styles from Phase One

New Capture One Styles from Phase One

Last week Phase One launched another set of their own first party Style Packs. They are called “‘Pacific’ & ‘Infinite Peaks’ Latitude Style packs” and are designed by acclaimed commercial photographer John Schell and Fujifilm X- Photographer Bryan Minear respectively.

Here’s the press release:

Bryan and John’s distinct photography has garnered clients such as Skechers and Budweiser, while these new Capture One styles mark the first time their signature looks have been made available to the public on any platform.

Both photographers are heavily inspired by nature and travel in their work. From the Californian coast to the foothills of the Appalachians, the new Latitude Styles draw on beautiful scenes and destinations from every corner of the globe. The Styles embrace and heighten the natural aesthetic of any scene and subject, from portraits to seascapes.

Capture One Latitude Styles are specifically-developed presets designed and tested to work with an extensive variety of images. They allow users to adjust the overall look and feel of any image with just one click – yet still allow for individual adjustments to suit personal taste.

With the option to add each Style as a layer and control its intensity, and use multiple layers and Styles per image, Capture One Styles can serve as a starting point, a finishing touch or give a specific nuanced flair to a photo. In this way, they enable more creative possibilities in the photo editing process.

Both the ‘Pacific’ and ‘Infinite Peaks’ Latitude Style packs include a diverse set of Styles which complement each other but are versatile enough to suit any setting or subject. The wide selection of Styles offer endless possibilities to speed up the editing process and create unforgettable images, whether the genre is fashion, street, documentary, adventure – or anything else.

The two new packs are as follows:

John Schell – Pacific Add warmth and colour to your images with rich, deep tones inspired by early morning light and evening sunsets across the Pacific. Includes 7 styles.

Latitude Infinite Peaks Transform your colours and create powerful, high-contrast shots inspired by diverse landscapes and urban cityscapes. Includes 7 styles.

For more information see Phase One’s website.

The Styles can be purchased per pack or as a bundle with all 4 Style Packs in the Latitude series, and for a limited time as a bundle with only the 2 new packs:

  • Price per Style Pack: EUR: 39. USD: 34. GBP: 34
  • Price for Latitude Style kit including Infinite Peaks and Pacific (Limited offer): EUR: 59. USD: 49. GBP: 49
  • Price for Latitude Style kit including Infinite Peaks, Pacific, Deep Forest, and Sunbound: EUR: 109. USD: 99. GBP: 99

Please Note - I haven’t actually tried any of these so I can’t comment on quality or usefulness etc, I’m just passing on the news :-)

If looking for more Capture One style packs, I have a growing collection on my Digital Download Store, and they’re currently on sale (at the time of this post)

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