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Capture One 12.1 Released

Capture One 12.1 Released

Capture One 12.1 was released today, and there are a few key new features and improvements in this release. Most notable is the new grids tool and improved rendering of Fuji X-Trans files.

I'm still on vacation at the moment, so I can't do a full report on this release, as I only have my iPad with me. I had been using the beta version though, and I had prepped some notes, and screenshots. I had hoped I would be home in time for the release, but unfortunately missed it by a few days! I will do a full post on this next week when I get back to my studio.

 New Features

- New Grids Tool

- Improved X-Trans rendering (Pro, Pro Fujifilm, Express Fujifilm) 

- Improved Fujifilm tethering (Pro, Pro Fujifilm) 

- Extended AppleScript functionality 

- Improved Overlay controls 

The new grids tool, gives you lots of grid options which can be displayed as an overlay over your image. From the press release:

Easily set up your desired grid using the new dedicated Grids Tool, with options for grid type, color, and functionality for following the crop. Toggling Grids and Guides on and off can be done independently from each other, providing full flexibility.

For Fujifilm users, this version brings improvements to the rendering of X-Trans files. I had been testing this out in the beta version. The improvements probably won't be noticed by a lot of people, but they are there. In certain circumstances, with certain types of details, Capture One could still have some minor artifacts with X-Trans files. This manifested as what appeared like randomised pixels when there was very fine repetitive detail or fine edges. It only occurs in certain conditions, and most people probably never even noticed. 

This new release eliminates this. I think I can safely say that Capture One is now 100% artefact free with X-Trans files. (Cue someone telling me why that is not the case)

I had some samples ready to demonstrate this, but as I said, I'm away at the moment and don't have access to them, so I will do a before and after post next week.

There are some other improvements in this release too, such as additional lens support, improved AppleScript and a few others.

Capture One Studio

They also launched a whole new version of Capture One designed for enterprise users, called Capture One studio. This contains tools for those working with large commercial products, such as shopping catalogues etc (think Argos catalogue) and includes automation tools and similar features. This is a specific version for specific markets, and not something most photographers will be interested in I would imagine, however if you are in the target market, then I'm sure this is useful. Here is the official description...

Capture One Studio adds new features backed by scriptable enhancements and advanced automation technologies, allowing anyone to build custom workflows. There is native barcode scanner support for error-free and expedited data entry; backup on capture for automatic data redundancy; workspace and tool locks to prevent errors; advanced guides for precision set-up of brand guidelines; Capture Pilot enhancements to aid collaborative workflow, and more.

“We’re excited to present the first ever photo editing and asset management solution specifically designed for high-powered workflows and multi-user teams.” said Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen, VP Software Business at Phase One. “Developed together with leading e-commerce and high-end brands, Capture One Studio merges industry-leading photo editing tools with automation technology, accurate color profiling, and advanced asset management to meet the specific needs of fast-paced photo production, and eliminate the costly mistakes and time-consuming processes holding studios back.”

Building on Capture One’s industry-leading standards of precision and quality, Capture One Studio’s robust new offering allows brand and studio operations to be easily managed, offering greater efficiency across the board, and higher ROI. Saving time on arduous processes enable the team to focus on photography and deliver the best possible images.

For more information and to download Capture One visit the phase one website. Incidentally, the Fuji and Sony versions are still available at a 50% discount.

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Improved Fuji X-Trans Rendering in Capture One 12.1

Improved Fuji X-Trans Rendering in Capture One 12.1

Taking a few days off!

Taking a few days off!