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Quick Tip: Understanding the Colour Adjustments in Apple Photos

Apple's Photos App on the Mac (and iOS) has some interesting and unorthodox tools for adjusting your images. The Light and Colour sliders are interesting ways to alter your photos, and even on their own, the smart algorithms which adjust the individual parameters of a collection of adjustments, can often lead to interesting results. If you want more control however, you can tweak the individual parameters in the Light and Colour section separately. In this short post we're going to take a look at the controls in the Colour adjustment group.

Quick Tip: Copy and Paste Adjustments in Apple Photos

Apple's Photos app for the mac has some nice adjustment tools, and while it may not be the most robust or professional level application, you can achieve some nice results in it. Unfortunately, if you go through the process of creating a nice look on your images, there's limited ability to save that look independent of the image. There's no way (currently) to save presets, and there's no equivalent of Lightroom's previous button.

London's Borough Market: Processing DSLR images on an iPhone with VSCO Cam via Apple Photos on the Mac!

Ok, that headline is a bit of a mouthful, but it’s better than some of the others I’ve been thinking about for this post. Basically, I’ve been doing something that’s probably a bit silly from a workflow point of view, but is actually a bit of fun and is producing some interesting results. Basically, I’ve been using VSCO Cam on the iPhone to process some of the images I shot in London on my Nikon D700.