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Thomas is a professional fine art photographer and writer specialising in photography related instructional books as well as travel writing and street photography. 

Fire and Light

Fire and Light


There was an amazing sunset the other night and we're very lucky where we live in that the sun sets right in front of us. Literally, directly in front of my Living room window. Anyway, I was noticing the way the light was playing against the dirt on the window, and so I thought rather than take the typical sunset picture I would play around and see what I could do with the wary the dirt was being lit instead. So I took my D700 and a macro lens and focussed on the window and put the sun out of focus. the result is somewhat otherworldly and looks like some fantastic science fiction image. The pictures weren't doctored in anyway and are straight out of the camera.

DSC 7033

And yes, I know the window is filthy.

Anyway, while bringing the images into my computer I discovered some other shots I had taken a week or two ago and forgotten about. They're kind of in the same theme so I figured why not keep the motif going.

Our sleep was disturbed one night by strange sounds coming from out on the road. My first thought was: "Alien Invasion"…and then when I woke up properly I decided that was unlikely, so I went to take a look. It seems the council decided that two in the morning was a good time to do some road works. Specifically they were re-painting the directions on the road, and they had to burn the existing ones off. It actually looked quite cool, with the fire from the blow torch contrasting with the other lights. I got off a couple of shots and here they are...

DSC 7005

DSC 7007

DSC 7010

DSC 7016

All were shot on a Nikon D700 and a mixture of ISO 3200 and ISO 6400.


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