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The Streets of Vienna with the X100

The Streets of Vienna with the X100

I was recently back in Vienna for a weekend, and I only had a little time for photography. Vienna is a beautiful city, which I really love, every time I visit. I had taken my Canon 5DII with me and I did get some shots with that, but it was the diminutive X100 that I ended up using most of the time. I just love being able to wander, unencumbered by a heavy camera, and yet still be able to get publishable quality shots. Sometimes I think the lack of options of having a fixed lens pushes you even more. I hadn't really set out to take many shots of the city this time. For a start, it was too cold, but mostly, I just wanted to enjoy the sites. Still, one can't help oneself!

Woman Walking Her Dog, Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Old Church Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Street outside the Opera House, Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Hot Dog Stand outside the Opera House,  Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Hot Dog Stand outside the Opera House, Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Steps outside the Film Museum, Vienna, Fujifilm X100
Courtyard in the hoffberg, Vienna, Fujifilm X100
A horse and Cart on the Cobblestone Streets of Vienna Vienna, Fujifilm X100
A Tram in the streets outside the museum quarter Vienna, Fujifilm X100

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