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Photography Web Roundup - July 18th

Photography Web Roundup - July 18th

Bee on Flower

This weeks featured image, is in celebration of summer, and is a cheerful little bumblebee going about its business, that I happened to come across the other day while out taking photos

It’s time for another weekly roundup of interesting photography related tid-bits from around the web. This weeks is going to be a short entry as I’ve been very busy all week, and haven’t been able to do my usual curation of interesting stories. I have come across some new photographer’s worth checking out though, so stay tuned for that, and I have updates on some of my own projects.

Some recent updates from the Lightroom Diary

Here are a few updates from my new (ish) Lightroom blog. I’ve been trying to get more information out to help Aperture to Lightroom switchers, and this week I published the second part of my Aperture for Lightroom Users series, discussing how to create a project structure similar to Aperture’s in Lightroom using collections.

I also posted a piece about a new utility designed to help Aperture users export their Libraries to Lightroom (or other software).

…and in other news

DpReview posted their extensive review of Nikon’s Nikon 1 V3. It’s an interesting sounding camera, especially with it’s ability to shoot 20fps, but I think the price vs image quality make it a hard sell.

Tuts+ has a great article explaining how the new Focus Area selection in Photoshop CC2014 works and how to use it.

Adobe releases a release candidate (i.e. not final) version of Camera Raw with support for some new cameras including the Nikon D810, the Sony A7S, RX100 III, and A77 II. Imaging Resource has the full story.


Colin Hughes

Check out the excellent travel photography of Colin Hughes.

Sarah Belanger

Stop by her website to see some of the amazing (and mouth watering) food photography of Sarah Belanger

Alison Wright

I wrote an article here on the blog during the week about the fact that iTunes U has some great photography courses. I watched some of the lectures and I’ve been blown away. There is an amazing lecture by Photojournalist Alison Wright, and she has an incredible story along with some incredible photography. You can find the lecture on iTunes here (and you can watch it right inside of iTunes)

You can read more about Alison on her web site, and has a number of books available, including the story of the horrific accident that she was involved in and the story of her recovery. You really have to watch the lecture, it’s incredibly motivating, powerful and moving.

Some of Allison’s Books

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A Sneak Peek at some of my upcoming Lightroom Presets

A Sneak Peek at some of my upcoming Lightroom Presets

Some Great Photography Material on iTunes U

Some Great Photography Material on iTunes U