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A Sneak Peek at some of my upcoming Lightroom Presets

A Sneak Peek at some of my upcoming Lightroom Presets

Landscape - Goldifiied

I’ve been busy working on some new Lightroom preset packs, the first of which is almost ready for release.

Landscape Gold

Called “Landscape Gold”, it is another one of my Aperture presets that I’ve been busily porting to Lightroom. I’m in the final stages of developing the set, and I hope to have it released later this week. Landscape Gold, as the name implies, is designed primarily for landscapes. The idea was to create a look that would give landscape shots a golden hue, and that’s what I set out to do with the original Aperture set. For the Lightroom version I’ve expanded on it even further and I’ve developed a range of variations, each varying the intensity of the gold effect. Here are some examples:

Red door on a brown brick house

Brown and Orange leaves against the warm Autumn Sun

A Barge on the canal at Bagott Street




NYC Skyline at Sunset, North East



Steely Blue

I’ve three more sets in development too. The first of which is “Steely Blue” which is another Aperture convert, although it actually started life in Lightroom. I created the original look in Lightroom, and then developed a set of Aperture presets around that. Now, I’m going to release a new Lightroom set based off the original version. The idea behind Steely Blue originally was to create a look that gives your images some oomph but doesn't look overly processed. Here are some examples:






Bleached Bronze

The second of these three will be the last of my Aperture ports, and it was actually the first preset I released. Called bleached bronze, it’s a look based on the bleached bypass cinematography look, but with a bronze coloured hue. That’s still a little bit off, but stay tuned for more details closer to the release, but for now here's an example:

Bleached Bronze for Lightroom Sample


Finally I’m in the early stages of a new set, designed entirely in Lightroom, and not based off one of my previous Aperture looks. Called “Medium” the idea is to create a look that is similar to the Medium format film look that seems to be staging a comeback lately and is popular in lifestyle magazines. The effect is a high key look which gives images a nice bright tone and emphasises the whites, while also giving a strong punch to some colours while muting others. It’s still in the early stages of development, but I’m quite excited about it because early tests look promising. Here's an early example:


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