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20 Photography Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

20 Photography Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

Some Photography Websites Worth Checking Out

A while ago I posted the list of photography blogs that I keep in a folder of bookmarks in my browser's favourites bar, and I check them every day. Since I posted that some have stopped updating, while I've also discovered some new sources of inspiration. I keep all these bookmarks in a folder in safari's bookmarks bar so every day when I check them I just use the "open in tabs command" and have my morning dose of inspiration while having my coffee. Obviously everyone's tastes are different, and so you may not like some of these, but I think there's a little bit of something for everyone in here, so check them out.

(P.S. Apologies for the spacing being all over the place on this. I was having issues with getting things to fit with Squarespace's layout and my mix of Markdown and images. Long story)

Scott Kelby - Photoshop Insider

I probably don't need to introduce Scott Kelby, but in case you've never heard of him, here's the founder of Kelby Media, Kelby Training, writer of a bazillion books on Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography. His blog is always interesting, and covers all sorts of topics from photography to photoshop.


Matt Kloskowski

Matt is another one of Kelby Media's regular trainers, and writers. Matt also runs a Lightroom blog, and is one of Kelby Training's Lightroom experts. He's also a pretty good landscape photographer, and his personal blog covers mostly landscape photography with some other material too.


Joe Mcnally

Joe is a world famous National Geographic photographer, and he's also known for his incredible work with small flashes. He's an incredible body of work spanning years, and he's always willing to share his knowledge and years of experience. His blog is a must read.


Stuck in Customs

Stuck in Customs is the (brilliantly named) blog of travel Photographer Trey Ratliff. He posts images from all around the world, and updates his blog pretty much every day. A great source of inspiration if you like travel photography


Steve Huff Photo

A photographer whose site specialises in reviews and examples of gear in use, especially small, rangefinder type cameras. He also regularly posts inspiration posts from readers. Lots of good information and images from around the world on the site. He also has some great reviews of mirrorless and rangefinder cameras, from a real world perspective


Johnny Patience

A fellow Irish photographer, specialising in Lifestype photographer, and a film shooter. Great images for inspiration, and some great tips for those wanting to shoot on film.


Patrick LaRoque

Patrick is a Commercial, Portrait and Documentary photographer from Montreal, and he is also a big proponent of Fuji's X-Trans system. He has some great images on his site, and his blog is always interesting, with some great inspiration. He has a unique style that I really like. Well worth checking out, especially if you're a Fuji shooter, or you just like great images.


Ben Willmore - Digital Mastery

Blog of Travelling photographer and photoshop export, Ben Willmore. Lots of great Photoshop tips and some great stories of his travels.


VSCO Journal

The photography blog and magazine of Film simulation preset company VSCO. Their blog is great with regular inspiring stories from photographers around the world.



Great blog of Northern Irish Photographer David Cleland. David is another Fuji-X Photographer and his work is always inspiring.


Ryan Brenizer

A great world famous Wedding Photographer based out of New York. Always inspiring and happy images. Great blog to follow, even if you don't like wedding photography that much, as his mastery of light and composition are superb.



A photoblog (with little writing) that bills itself as "Fun with fixed focal length cameras and lenses" really undersells it. There's always great street and documentary style photography, and it's really worth paying a visit to. He also regurlarly posts great pictures of his gorgeous dog.


Ming Thein

A great commercial and street photographer from Malaysia. Posts lots of tutorials and tips on street photography, as well as street photography philosophy.


Poems Without Words - Rebecca Lily

Beautiful lifestyle imagery from Photographer Rebecca Lily. Lovely use of colour and light and her images have a gorgeous pastel like quality to them.


Photography Life

Less of a blog and more of an all round photography site, with articles, news and reviews. The reviews on here are usually great and quite detailed, and if you're looking for reviews of Nikon gear especially, this is a good place to come.


Japan Camera Hunter

Blog of Tokyo Photographer Bellamy Hunt. His blog has lots of information on Photographers and he's also a film enthusiast. He does a regular series looking at "what's in the bag" from photographers from all over the world.


Shoot Tokyo Another Tokyo Based shooter, Dave Powell. He shoots street photography on the streets of Tokyo and has some great imagery and great blog posts. Well worth checking out. He also has a gorgeous book (which I've just ordered)


DED PXL Ded Pxl is the blog of Street Photographer and Fuji X-Shooter Zack Arias and his wife Meghan. A mix of inspiration, gear, news and community based posts.


Katie Newburn A food and lifestyle photographer with some great images. Unfortunately she doesn't update here site very often, but the images are always great.


Tomasz Majewski Norwegian Photographer. He only has a few posts on his blog, but his portfolio features some amazing photographs of Norway.

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