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Capture One 8.3 Released

Capture One 8.3 Released

Capture One 8.3 Interface

Wow, Phase one is really churning out the updates to Capture One. the latest version has just been released, and it adds a few new features to its already extensive list, as well as adding support for new cameras including the company's own recently released Phase One XF medium format camera.

Some of the new or updated features according to the Capture One website:

Camera Settings tool The new Camera Settings tool enables you to configure many of the settings of not only the new Phase One XF but other models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and more. So, as opposed to digging through the menus of your camera, simply search for the term in the Camera Settings tool and adjust from there.

Compositional grids New compositional grids have been added too, for example the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Ratio. This allows the options available in the IQ systems to be used in Capture One and adds more ways to achieve a desirable composition.

Dynamic Locations Dynamic Locations are an extension of the already powerful file handling available in Capture One Pro. The location of imported and exported files can be dynamically modified, simply by using a set of Tokens. Dynamic Locations will fully streamline the import and output process on busy shoots with demanding deadlines.

Other Updates Apparently the tethering engine has been substantially improved on the Mac too, to increase performance. The user interface for the capture tool has also been updated.

I've been using Capture One more and more lately and I really like the software. It's closet to Aperture than Lightroom ever was in terms of the interface, and while it still lacks some organisational features that would stop me from using it as my primary library management, I'm using it more and more for raw conversion, especially when I'm shooting fuji X-Trans.

Incidentally, I'm working on porting some of my Lightroom Presets over to Capture One, and while it's early stages yet, stay tuned!

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