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Some Free Styles for Capture One

I’ve been building up a collection of Styles in Capture One for some time, and I originally had the intention of releasing hem as a styles pack, but I was never really happy with them as a complete pack. However, I’ve developed quite a few over the years, and they’re just sitting here on my computer, so I thought I’d share them anyway.

Free Lightroom CC Tools Booster Pack

Ever since Lightroom CC was announced - The new cloud based cut down desktop version - not to be confused with the old normal version - I have been thinking about ways to get around some of its limitations. The solution was to create a set of presets that allowed you to apply some of the effects that Lightroom CC is missing. 

F-Variations for Lightroom: Free Lightroom Presets for Fuji X-Series users

I’ve created a new set of presets for Fuji users and I’m happy to announce that I’m giving these away for free. Basically, I really like the various film simulation modes available on Fuji’s cameras, and the corresponding picture profiles in Lightroom. They’re good on their own, but they also make a good starting point for some further manipulation. So, using the various profiles as a starting point, I created my own set of “Variations” of these.


Some Free Faux Film Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

I’ve been working on some new premium Lightroom presets, which should be available soon, but while I was experimenting I got sidetracked and ended up creating some Faux Film presets for Fuji X users. I was trying some different techniques and I have saved various “ingredients” which I use to then create whole looks. While playing around with some of these I decided to try combining some of what I was working on, with the fuji picture profiles that come with lightroom. I liked he results so I decided to keep going. The result was a set of film like presets that I think you might like.