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Some Free Faux Film Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

Some Free Faux Film Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

I've been working on some new premium Lightroom presets, which should be available soon, but while I was experimenting I got sidetracked and ended up creating some Faux Film presets for Fuji X users. I was trying some different techniques and I have saved various "ingredients" which I use to then create whole looks. While playing around with some of these I decided to try combining some of what I was working on, with the fuji picture profiles that come with lightroom. I liked he results so I decided to keep going. The result was a set of film like presets that I think you might like.

These are just some experiments really, and a bit of fun, but I think they give some nice results. I'm giving them away for free, because I think other fuji users out there might like them (and I'm basically too busy to do all the work necessary to make them into a commercial product! ;-) )

They're called "Faux Film X" (because it sounded good in my head at the time!) The presets will give your images a kind of Faux Film look. They're not designed to emulate anything specific. I just kind of liked the look of them, so feel free to experiment with them for yourself. There's 10 looks altogether and each one has a variation with and without a vignette (except for one of them, which only has the vignette, because I didn't like the look of it without it). There are 8 colour and 2 black and white looks. They will only work properly on Fuji X-Trans cameras (and the X100) and only on raw files. They also require the latest version of Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6.1 because I've used the de-haze tool a bit in them. If you have Lightroom 6.1 you won't see the de-haze slider but they should still work.

Here are some examples of the presets in action

These are supplied as is, and there's no support with them. You'll also have to manually install them. If you don't know how to do that, I've made this handy little guide which you can find here.

Using the presets

I give the following advice for all my presets: Not all images will work with all presets. Some images just wont produce pleasing results and won’t be appropriate for the type of presets you may be trying to use, depending on the subject matter. You'll often find that Images may require additional adjustments after applying presets. Sometimes you will need to adjust exposure or brightness and contrast depending on your image. When trying presets, consider making a duplicate the version that you’re working on so you don’t loose any adjustments you’ve already made.

Download the Presets

You can download these free presets by clicking on the button below.

This will give you a zip file, which you can uncompress and install using the guide linked above.

As I said earlier, as these are free, I can't offer support, but I will attempt to answer questions if you're having any issues. These won't be for everyone, so give them a try and if you like them then great, and if you don't, that's fine too!

My Premium Presets

Ok, shameless plug time! If you like these and want to show your appreciation and support, or just want some more cool looks, then please stop by and check out some of my premium Lightroom presets over on my download store!

You can also help by sharing a link to this page (or to the blog) to help spread the word. That would really be a great help too.

However, please don't upload the presets anywhere else - They're free but they're still my designs and hard work! 

A Morning Walk By The River Liffey in the Dublin Sunshine

A Morning Walk By The River Liffey in the Dublin Sunshine

How to Manually Install Develop Module Presets for Lightroom.

How to Manually Install Develop Module Presets for Lightroom.