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Capture One Quick Tip - Automatically Set the Film Simulation that you Shot With.

I was so excited when Capture One added Fuji film simulation support that I missed one of the handiest feature of the new version. One of the commenters on my YouTube channel pointed this following tip out, so big thanks to them for that! You can have Capture One detect which film simulation mode you shot with in-camera, and it will automatically apply the appropriate film simulation mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t explicitly tell you which one you used, but it still works.

Video - Capture One Express For Fujifilm: Getting Started and How to Use it

With the launch of the new free version of Capture One for Fuji shooters, I figured a lot of people would be trying the software for the first time. The software can be a little confusing at first however, especially if you’re coming from Lightroom, and some of the features may be a little hidden or not work the way you think. With that in mind I created a video to give you an overview of how to use the software.

Capture One Express Fujifilm: A Quick Overview

This week Phase One released a new cut down version of Capture One which is free for Fuji shooters. While it doesn’t have all of the features of the full release, it can do quite a lot, considering that it is free. If you’re a Fuji shooter, and you were looking for a Lightroom alternative, then it’s worth giving it a try. In order to evaluate this, I downgraded my full version on one of my computer to check out what was included in the express option.

Fujifilm announces collaboration with Phase One; Improved Fujifilm Support Coming to Capture One

Of the news coming out of Photokina today, this probably flew under the radar amid all the camera announcements, but I think it is one of the most significant for Fuji shooters. Phase One has basically done a deal with Fuji to better support Fuji cameras including its medium format cameras. It will also release a Fuji specific version of Capture One (similar to what the company currently does for Sony).

Editing a Fuji X-Pro 2 Shoot with X-Transformer and Lightroom

Perhaps it is the designer in me, but I love capturing images of details, whether it’s graffiti, street art, quirky objects, or simply bold colours and textures. Dublin city is full of these sights. I recently set out on a photo walk/shoot to capture a set of this kind of imagery for my Streets of Dublin project, and I decided to record the process of processing these when I got back to the computer.

Iridient X-Transformer Beta 4 Released

Iridient Digital has released a new version of X-Transformer. The update, which was released last night has a number of improvements and new features, the most significant of which is a new plug-in for Lightroom which will make it easier to send files to the application. It also now has the ability to automatically embed which film simulation you used into the DNG as a corresponding colour profile.

The Real Velvia, Provia and Acros

One of the things that people love about their Fuji X-Series cameras is the film simulation modes and the rich colour that they give out of the camera. Many of these film simulation modes are based on actual films that Fuji makes, or used to make. Provia, Velvia and Astia are slide films, while the new (in the X-Pro 2) Acros is based on the Neopan Acros film. Lately I’ve been scanning some of my old film in and I realised that I have photos taken with some of these films, so I thought I’d share what the real thing looks like.

New Fuji Colour Profile Presets for Lightroom

A while ago I made a set of presets for Fuji users which are based on the Fuji film simulation colour profiles as provided by Adobe. these presets are basically just a quick way to set the colour profile by selecting a preset rather than having to go to the camera calibration panel and select the profile there. They also have the advantage of allowing you to set the profiles on import, or allowing you to quickly apply a profile to multiple images at once.

Street Photography Diary No. 5

I was back out shooting some street photos in Dublin this past weekend, and I had a great time doing it. It's been a bit of a challenge shooting street photography in the city here recently because of the massive amount of road and construction work going on. Basically they're extending one of the city's existing tram lines, which originally terminated at the south side of the city centre, to cross right through the heart of Dublin, and out the other side.