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Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Raw Support Is Coming To Lightroom

Fuji x pro 1 Everyone has been raving about the new Fuji X-Pro 1, myself included, but because of its revolutionary sensor design, I've read some doubt and worry on comments and on twitter from people concerned that we might not get support for the X-Pro 1 raw files in popular applications like Lightroom and Aperture. Unfortunately, I can't speak for Aperture on this case, and as it seems to be lacking support for some other Fuji cameras, I won't be overly optimistic, but it's definitely coming to Lightroom. I noticed this little nugget of information on Adobe's official Lightroom blog, buried in the release notes for the Lightroom 4.1 release candidate:

NOTE: The Lightroom and Camera Raw team is well aware of the new X-Pro1 camera from FUJIFILM.  We are currently developing raw support for the X-Pro1 and look forward to providing it as soon as support is complete.  Thanks for your patience on this topic.

So three you have it, straight from the horses mouth as it were. I'm assuming this means Camera Raw support for the rest of creative suite too, although at this stage it will probably only be in CS6. I'm still deciding whether or not to take the plunge myself and get the X-Pro1 but if I do I'll be sure to post a detailed write up (probably several!) of my experiences.

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