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Video:  Luminar Quick Tip - The Right way to Use Sunrays

Video: Luminar Quick Tip - The Right way to Use Sunrays

I’m starting a new series of Luminar QuickTips on my YouTube channel and I’ve just posted the first of these. In the video, I look at using the Sunrays filter to enhance an image that already has a sun in the shot. 

The Sunrays filter is one of those things that could be tacky and overused if you’re not careful. But rather than using it to create a set of sun rays in a photo that doesn’t have this feature already, if you use it on an image that does have the sun, but may not be completely to your liking, you can create a realistic and effective effect. In this video, I give you a demonstration of how to do this on the forest image below.

If you don’t already have Luminar, you can use the code TFP10 to get $10 off the normal price when buying directly from Skylum.

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